The Step by Step Assembly of a Kitchen Cabinet

Of importance to note is that you require little to no help to have your kitchen cabinet assembled. Before the assembly of the prefabricated pieces, you need to put all your affairs in order.Read more about cabinet  at  RTA Depot  . For instance getting hold of all the right tools and accessories eases the pain as you embark on a journey filled with a lot of uncertainties. Without a rubber mallet, screwdriver, and wood glue, you might be making a wild goose chase. 
Now that you happen to get set, you ought to empty your shipping boxes and ensure that no component gets discarded. Unloading of the shipment before actual construction begins to help you arrange all the pieces in the right order making the entire process go on smoothly. Remember, the procedure you perform on one drawer cuts across the board.
When all things are in order, you can start with the assembly process. The first step compels you to place the drawer box face down. Thanks to your glue supply, it gets recommended that you apply a bead of the wood adhesive to the female dovetail joints and later attach your side panels onto the part of the joint with resin using your rubber mallet. 
After confirming that the female dovetail joints and the panel are connected, you can go ahead and slide the lower panel into the dado. As for the back piece of the drawer, you can go ahead and perform the same procedure as you did with the box front.Read more about cabinet  at  more .  With the help of a rubber mallet, you can then secure all the pieces together. For a cabinet with multiple drawers, the process remains relatively the same.
Immediately your drawers get done, you can begin setting up your cabinets. With all the parts ready, you can start by placing the front frame face down. Mind you, the bottom of the enclosure should be close to you to make assembly easy. Using your screwdriver and screws, you then attach the side panels by screwing in the clips into designated spots. You then apply a bead of wood glue to the three fully standing dados for extra reinforcement. 
What follows after is the attachment of panel clips in designated spots to pave the way for the connection of both panels to the front frame. When everything is in place, you can install the back panel, toe kick, door hinges, door face, bumpers, and a soft-close mechanism.Learn more from